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RNV Hydrovac for Concrete Slurry Vacuum pick-up

RNVac as a concrete slurry vacuum

We engineered the RNV Hydrovac for fast site clean-up. That is to say, the removal of concrete slurry generated after cutting concrete is easier with the RNV Hydrovac. In fact, workers had previously been using 2 wet and dry vacs to clean up slurry. One RNV Hydrovac does the job of both machines. Furthermore, the RNV Hydrovac deposits up to 20 gallons of slurry directly into your wheelbarrow for disposal.

See our case study below to see the RNV Hydrovac in action!

Use the RNV Hydrovac industrial vacuum as also a concrete slurry vacuum for safely wet cutting or pouring concrete.

The RNV Hydrovac industrial vacuum is a great concrete slurry vacuum. It is ideal for all your wet concrete work.  This Industrial Extractor is a versatile tool. It is effective for a variety of concrete-focused professions.  Moreover, the Roll-n-Vac can also be used for dry pick-up. For example, the Roll-n-Vac can pick up loose debris left over from concrete work. Work smarter not harder with the RNV Hydrovac!

  • We engineered the RNV Hydrovac for a more powerful wet clean-up.
  • HDPE is the primary material used in the RNV Hydrovac.  Thus, dirt easily washes off after use.
  • The RNV Hydrovac is intended for use on a wheelbarrow base. Consequently, the Roll-n-Vac easily rolls on rough terrain.
  • Use the RNV Hydrovac from out of the way with both 20-foot and 30-foot hoses! 

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Save time, energy, and money by using the RNVac Hydrovac industrial vacuum to speed up worksite cleanup!