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"What's That?"

That is what we hear every time we show our machine: A powerful and portable vacuum for contractors, pool service and maintenance, construction jobs, and professional plumbers

This all started out with the idea of vacuuming directly into a wheelbarrow instead of using a wet/dry vacuum and then dumping it into a wheelbarrow. The concrete slurry vacuum cleaner had to be strong enough to clean out sand filters, green slime, and sludge from the bottom of pools. After about six years of development, we introduced the Roll-N-Vac HD2 wet/dry vac, after making improvements came the Roll-N-Vac HD2 Hydro-Extractor. Then came the Roll-N-Vac Blue HD 2 Hydro-Extractor.

We are proud to announce that we are now RNV, a division of Truebite Inc.

WHAT’S THAT? It is the HYDROVAC 2. This portable, powerful vacuum encompasses all that made the original Roll-N-Vac great. As well as all the improvements we have made to seals, floats, plastic compounds, adhesives, and assembly techniques.


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We have been made aware of UNAUTHORIZED web stores selling the RNVac HV2, also known as “The Roll-N-Vac.” We strongly advise purchasing only from our authorized distributors or directly from our web store. For a list of authorized sellers, please visit our Distributors page. 

Introducing An RNVac Exclusive

The RNV Filter System Kit

  • Easy to clean
  • Improves motor life
  • Longer running


  • Main stainless steel filter
  • Filter felt cover 
  • Nylon mesh filter cover
  • 2 hockey puck filters
  • 1 motor intake filter
RNV filter kit

It’s a powerful, industrial, and slurry vacuum. It’s also a portable vacuum.


Below is a video showing how easy it is to remove slurry with RNVac Hydrovac vacuum. Industrial, portable vacuum you will cherish!

(Wheelbarrow is not included with the RNVac Hydrovac Purchase.)

The Vacuum for Construction and Professional Plumbers

The RNV hydrovac is a revolutionary powerful vacuum for construction and professional plumbers. It will vacuum 20 gallons of water in less than 12 seconds

Many drain cleaning jobs require more power than a basic wet/dry vacuum can offer. But the “step up” options for portable vacuum systems capable of maintaining high power while sucking up wet material are limited. Vacuum trucks and trailers provide the power, but not the portability, not to mention the price point to make most contractors comfortable. Even the biggest, most powerful shop vac has its limitations. The RNV Hydrovac 2, by RNV/TRUEBITE though, offers the best of both worlds.

The RNV Hydrovac2 is an industrial vacuum for those small tough jobs. Simply placing the Roll-n-Vac unit on an approved 6-cubic-foot-capacity steel construction-grade wheelbarrow turns it into a portable Hydrovac. It was an idea that was initially designed for the swimming pool maintenance industry. Now it is being accepted widely in the Plumbing, Concrete, and Construction Industries. It can vacuum down vertically at 12 feet cleaning sludge, sand, and small aggregate. It will vacuum 20 gallons of water in less than 12 seconds. The RNV Hydrovac 2 provides suction so strong that it will implode lesser-quality wheelbarrows. According to RV, the lowest-cost wheelbarrow that 

will not implode is the Jackson M6KBUT12 which can be bought reasonably at Home Depot or Lowes. Generally, these wheelbarrows come with only one wheel, so RNV/TRUEBITE also recommends purchasing a two-wheel tire conversion kit available on Amazon.

Every component is sourced to provide maximum reliability with the goal of providing the most powerful portable Hydrovac system possible. 98% of the components used in the RNV Hydrovac2 are sourced from US manufacturers. In addition to swimming pool maintenance, the RNV Hydrovac 2 can be used in drain cleaning applications, and the addition of a high-powered pressure washer essentially turns the package into a portable Hydrovac. The body of the unit is designed for fast clean-up, rinsing off easily with a garden hose. At a total weight of 42 pounds, it is easy for one technician to move. The package includes a 12-foot-long, 2 1/2-inch diameter hose, two wands, three tools, a filter, and a 20-foot power cord. It requires a 120vac 15 amp power outlet and will easily run on a 2200-watt generator or inverter for maximum portability.

Wheelbarrow Not Included with the RNV Hydrovac

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